Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Working with Jobs In MYOB Accounting (MYOB Tutorial Series)

How to use Jobs feature in MYOB Accounting?
You can use the Jobs feature in your MYOB Accounting to keep accurate and detailed records of your jobs and profit centres. Let’s assume that Clearwater Pty Ltd, our tutorial company, is part way through installing fifty water filters at the Island Way Hotel. This job has already been set up in our company file. The Edit Job window shown here displays information about the job, such as the start date, percentage completed, finish date and so on.

You can use the Jobs feature to simply keep track of your various jobs or to perform advanced functions such as set budgets by account for each job, track job expenses for customer reimbursables, analyse profit and loss for jobs, and much more.

Let’s assume that in order to install the water filters in Island Way Hotel, we had to purchase fifty wall brackets. We will assign this purchase to the job so that we can keep track of expenses for customer reimbursement when the job is complete.
  1. Go to the Purchases command centre and click Enter Purchases. The Purchases window is displayed.
  2. Enter the supplier’s name and date as shown.
  3. Enter 50 in the Received column.
  4. Enter 200-897B5 in the Item Number field and $4 in the Price field.
  5. Tab to the Job column and click the search icon.
  6. Double-click job 4980. The purchase is now allocated to thisjob.
  7. Complete the rest of the purchase as normal and clickRecord.
Analyse job activity
An important part of managing your job activity revolves around reviewing the data that you’ve entered for your jobs and understanding its effects on your overall financial picture. Understanding the “big picture” of your job activity will help you identify income trends, recognise possible cost overruns and anticipate your company’s future revenues. The Analyse Jobs window will help you perform this important task by providing lists of your job activity.

  1. Display the Analyse Jobs window. To do this, from any command centre, click the Analysis down arrow and choose Jobs.
  2. Enter 4980 in the Job Number field and press TAB. Detailed information about this job appears in the Analyse Job window. You can view the progress of this job broken down by account. You can also view any budgets you have entered for this job, and compare it with the actual expenses.

source: MYOB Accounting V12 Tutorial

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